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Winiferd & Jeremy~ (clients from Hong Kong) :

Dear Febe,

Happened to have my birthday in Paris,by my luck to find you who give us a memorable Prewedding.
How challenge for the cold weather that we were facing. Eventually we did a great job with your team who were such caring & passionate.
Again,thanks for you guys giving me a fabulous one.

Winiferd & Jeremy



Henry and Liz ~ (clients from New York, USA)

Dear Febe,

Thank you so much for making our trip so memorable. The photos you took were breathtaking. You are such a sweet person and we are so glad to have found you.

Henry and I were planning our trip in Europe and only had 2 short days in Paris. We found your work online and at that moment, we knew you were the one to capture our story.

As we came closer to our date, the weather forecasted it will rain during our photoshoot. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to make it. But you moved mountains to accommodate our photoshoot a day earlier. We were so grateful to have found someone who cares so much about her clients.

The photoshoot was so much fun, we were nervous at the beginning but that quickly faded with your positive demeanor. You made us laugh and smile and took your time capturing each moment naturally. We love the photos and would recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a true artist to capture their story.

Thank you for everything Febe. We hope to see you again soon.

Henry and Liz

2017 May 17

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香港蘋果日報 ~ 法國五月藝術節在巴黎訪問了我
Hong Kong media Apple Daily  ~ Le French May interview in Paris :

Unique Couple x Febe Chu Photography.

We support LGBT and all people with true love in the world

*********************************************************** (LGBT same-sex wedding & artistic couple portrait photography) (wedding, portrait photography)

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Karmen & Johnny ~ (Hong Konger clients from Vancouver, Canada)

Dear Febe,

Johnny and I would like to thank you so much for your time and effort you have put in for our pre wedding photoshoot. I found Febes work through online and after reviewing a few photographers i decided to book with Febe as her photos and work was exactly what i was looking for.

Very romantic and detailed photos of wedding couples and the scenery of Paris. Febe was very helpful and provided us with everything we needed so it made our photoshoot a lot easier. Unfortunately the date i picked for our shoot was very very cold but Febe was very attentive and made it as easy as possible for my fiance and I.

Febes photographer skills are in no question as after each picture was taken i took a look and they are beautiful and natural even without editing. I am very pleased with this pre wedding shoot and i thank Febe once again.

I will definitely recommend Febe to my friends and family for photoshoots in Paris for the future.

Also a big thank you to Anita for full day of makeup and hair, Roberto for setting up our lighting and carrying all our equipment also to Alex for driving us to all the beautiful locations for the day. It was a great pleasure working with Febe and her team.

Karmen & Johnny




Elaine & Chang ~ (Hongkonger clients from United Kingdom, UK)

Dear Febe,

We are really blessed to have you as our pre-wedding photographer and would like to express our appreciation for you and your team for such an amazing experience and lovely photos.
Pre-wedding photos was very important to us because we wanted to have something that was timeless and professional. After much research and comparisons into pre-wedding photographers we have finally decided to go with Febe despite having to fly to Paris because her work was simply beautiful.

Febe was very informative and prompt with communication throughout the whole process and we were never left in doubt despite having photo’s done in a different country. The whole process was smooth, detailed and very well planned.

When working with Febe you could instantly see how much passion she has for her work, despite being a very long day she was still very focused and would put all her heart and soul in order to get great pictures till the very last minute of the session. Her team was also wonderful, talented and very hard working.
Definitely recommend Febe and her team if you are looking for timeless photos as well as a wonderful experience.

Elaine & Chang



Luis Lam & Cherry ~ (clients from Hong Kong)

Dear Febe,

We wish to express our appreciation on the pre-wedding photo shooting that you and your team have arrange for us.

The shooting was so great and smooth, everything is like being arrange as we plan. The whole day of the photo shooting have flawless mistake.

even the weather is so beautiful. We couldn’t be more pleased with the services of Febe’s team have brought for us.

We are really blessed to have you as our photograher on our special day.
From the bottom of our heart, Me and Cherry would like to say thank you for all you and your team have done for us.

best regards,

Luis Lam



Sue Cheung ~ (clients from Hong Kong)


當然啦, 都係我未來老公,咁難忘一次旅程, 咁岩出發前決定在巴黎搵一位攝影師, 然後我就上網搵到Febe. 而我揀Febe原因係因為:
3.就係因為佢收費上非常配合到我想的效果,就係因為我本身識得化妝同埋整頭髮, 我只需要book攝影師! 佢亦有只提供攝影服務!

Febe拍攝過程比我感覺係好專業, 係佢帶動下一對新人的氣氛不錯!

Febe專業精神可嘉, 好細心呀!
正式開始拍攝之前, 佢會同一對新人開個簡單會, 講晒整日流程! 大家得到共識後開始拍攝.

Febe 既快手又細心, 佢仲好好咁幫我將我條裙用針線固定得好!我真係覺得Febe服務細心, 同埋佢係一個好正能量,好笑容的攝影師架!

Sue Cheung



Tello & Wing Ting ~ (Hong Kong/Chinese clients from Netherland)

Dear Febe,

Based on a lot of searching over the internet and several reviews, we decided to pick you for making our important pre-wedding photos. We certainly do not regret this choice. Thanks to you and your team we had a wonderful day! The whole day was very well planned and you know what to do to create those nice shots. Too bad it was pretty cold that day, but your team supported us a lot with carrying the coats. Also important to mention is the fact that you take your time. We had some delays before we could start the photoshoot, but it was not an issue for you at all to compensate this by extending the evening shoot.

We would like to thank you and your team again for all the great work and for delivering all the beautiful photos.
We will definitely recommend you when talking to friends and family.

We wish you all the best!
Kind regards,

Tello & Wing Ting



Nan & Kenneth ~ (clients from Thailand & Hong Kong)

Dear Febe,

Nan and I would like to express our appreciation on your professional photo shooting service.

We decided to engage Febe as our photographer after we see the samples on her website. We arrived Paris and met Febe and we know that we have chosen the right person – she is detail minded and provide us with all of the necessary information for our preparation of the photo shooting on the next day.

The photo shooting for day 1 sadly started with bad weather. However, Febe assured us that she can adjust the lighting and perform some touch ups to make the photos look better. We saw the samples and think “wow, she can really do it!”. The photo shooting continues with better weather (we were lucky!) until late in the evening and we went back hotel totally exhausted. The day 2 shooting in the castle was so amazing and this time with good weather (though very cold and windy). Febe is talented and has chosen some great backgrounds for our photos – which shows the sweetness and romance of us (and Paris)!

We highly recommend Febe to capture your romantic moments. A sincere thanks to Febe and her dream team – Anita for makeup, Roberto for assisting to carry things for us (and thanks for the hot chocolate for Nan at the castle), and of course Alex for driving us around.

Kind regards

Kenneth & Nan


Gi Gi & Vivien ~ (clients from Hong Kong & France)

Dear Febe,

Thank you very much for your great work!
We are very happy and lucky to choose you and your team in our wedding party.
First of all, you are flexible to fulfill what we want and what we need,
And we communicated well before our big day. So that we have a shooting day smoothly.
Secondly, the photos and videos are amazing, we love it so much. You are very kind to revise the video until we are satisfied.
This is very important for us.
Moreover, You and your team speak bilingual ( French and Cantonese ) so that we don’t need spend extra time to translate to all our family and friends.
We appreciate your great work and hope we will meet again soon!!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Gigi Doghmane