Elaine & Chang ~ (Hongkonger clients from United Kingdom, UK)

Dear Febe,

We are really blessed to have you as our pre-wedding photographer and would like to express our appreciation for you and your team for such an amazing experience and lovely photos.
Pre-wedding photos was very important to us because we wanted to have something that was timeless and professional. After much research and comparisons into pre-wedding photographers we have finally decided to go with Febe despite having to fly to Paris because her work was simply beautiful.

Febe was very informative and prompt with communication throughout the whole process and we were never left in doubt despite having photo’s done in a different country. The whole process was smooth, detailed and very well planned.

When working with Febe you could instantly see how much passion she has for her work, despite being a very long day she was still very focused and would put all her heart and soul in order to get great pictures till the very last minute of the session. Her team was also wonderful, talented and very hard working.
Definitely recommend Febe and her team if you are looking for timeless photos as well as a wonderful experience.

Elaine & Chang